Meet Our Board

Our board is an experienced group of local professionals who donate their time and passion to guide the credit union. We do at least feed them—it’s the credit union way.

Meet Our Board:
Robert Young David Fussell Lucian Harris
Rita Odom Scott Moody Jen Corry
Kelly Barnes Susan Paul Jenny Shealy
Robert Young Rita Odom Kelly Barnes David Fussell Scott Moody
Susan Paul Lucian Harris Jen Corry Jenny Shealy

One of the defining differences between credit unions and banks is our Board of Directors. At a credit union, each Director is a fellow member who serves on the Board as a volunteer. The Board of Directors are democratically elected by the credit union membership. As an owner, each credit union member has an equal voice in the election, regardless of how much money the member has on deposit.

In addition to the Board of Directors, a variety of service opportunities are available for members, including volunteer committees. The Supervisory Committee ensures that NWGACU is in compliance with laws and regulations, and the Credit Committee monitors the credit union’s lending procedures.