Using Your Debit Card

Northwest Georgia Credit Union Debit Cards are free with your Unbelievable Checking account and you can use your card wherever VISA® is accepted.

Getting Started: To activate your card, use any ATM  with the Cirrus logo and select balance inquiry. You can also complete a debit card transaction at any merchant using your PIN. Your PIN must be entered during the transaction to activate your card. 

PIN: If you key an incorrect PIN 3 times your card will not work. Please stop by one of our offices to reset your PIN attempts. You may also reset your PIN at any NWGACU ATM. If you have forgotten your PIN, we can order a reminder to be mailed to you. There will be a $5 fee for each request. 

Spending Limits: There are daily spending limit per card per day, depending on how you use your card: ATM ($500), Point of Sale/Debit ($1,000), and Signature/Credit ($5,000).

Merchant Holds: Some merchants, such as restaurants, hotels, and gas stations, sometimes place a hold on money in your account, then place a second hold for the same transaction. While your transaction should clear your account with the proper amount of your actual purchase, the two holds may cause the available balance of your account to be reduced, even before the transaction is has posted to your account. Merchant holds will expire within three days or when the transaction posts for the same dollar amount as the hold. 

Fraud: If there is a suspicion of fraudulent activity with your debit card, you will get an automated phone call from our Fraud Center. If you call the Fraud Center to report fraud or if they call you to verify transactions, you’ll need to validate your account with the last 4 digits of your SSN. To be sure the Fraud Center can reach you, please update home and cell phone numbers. 

Information Changes: Anytime your address, phone number, or cell phone number changes, please update us at the credit union so that we can reach you with account information. This information could help keep your debit card working properly.

Travel: Please contact the credit union before you travel. Countries where your debit card will not be of use are: Spain, Romania, the Philippines, and Syria. Let us know your travel departure and return dates as well as a number (or e-mail address) to contact in case of emergency. Always bring another form of payment in case a block is placed on your card when you travel.

Card Renewal: Cards are valid through the last day of the month of the expiration date on the card. If you have not received a new card by the 20th day of the month of expiration, contact a Financial Services Officer at NWGACU. Your PIN number will be the same on your new card, and you can use that PIN to activate your new card.

ATM Locations: Riverbend Drive, Gala Plaza, Redmond Road Branch, Redmond Regional Medical Center lobby.

CO-OP: Your debit card can be used at any CO-OP ATM for free. For locations call 888.SITE.COOP or text your address, intersection, or zip code to 692667 (MYCOOP).

Lost or Stolen Card: After hours call 800.754.4128.
During business hours, contact Star Smith at 706.291.9290.

Fees: Replacement card: $5.00
         New PIN: $5.00