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Financial literacy is about knowing your financial situation and setting goals for your future. FoolProof is a series of financial education videos created for teenagers by teenagers. Middle and High School students will receive the most benefit from the program, but the lessons cover topics for all ages.

Take a look at the options below and choose a curriculum based on your needs. These lessons are updated all the time, so you will find the most current information out there to give you deeper understanding of what is going on in the world of finances.

Each lesson is completely free and you’re welcome to use it as many times as you’d like!

Information Edge
A website for adults which provides straight answers and unbiased information on dozens of consumer issues like privacy, fraud, and home-buying.

FoolProof Solo
A complete financial education program for college-aged people and young adults including topics like credit, budgeting, and saving.

FoolProof for Parents
A web-driven financial education program for parents (or grandparents) to use with your teen-aged kids or grand kids including topics like budgeting, checking and savings accounts, and credit.

FoolProof for High Schools
A financial education program for high school students. The online modules feature young people, self-grading tests, and include support materials for 9 45-minute classroom sessions. Topics include budgeting, credit, credit cards, and spending wisely.

CUHQ Website
A youth website full of information to engage young people in consumer issues like buying a car and saving for college.

FoolProof WorkPlace
The FoolProof WorkPlace program is created to help consumers who enter the workplace directly without going to college or even graduating from high school. The program is designed for use by instructors in special education classes, alternative high schools, career and technical schools, and charter schools. Businesses who employ a large number of young workers may also find this program useful.

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