What is learn.grow.?

As a credit union serving educators, Northwest Georgia Credit Union is committed to both living out the generous spirit of the credit union industry and championing the cause of education in our community. learn.grow. is our initiative to reach kids and adults with free financial education that will build a foundation for a strong financial future. Below are our initiatives for kids and adults.  


The Little Sprouts account is for children between the ages of 0 and 4 years old. This free account gives kids a head start on saving money and includes a t-shirt, piggy bank, quarterly parent emails with savings tips, and an annual birthday card. Read more about little sprouts here.

Acorn Club is an account for kids ages 5 to 12 and offers practice and incentives for saving money. This free account offers a savings tree tracker to manage the account and prizes for deposits made. Club members will also receive a t-shirt, piggy bank, quarterly newsletter in the mail, quarterly financial literacy events, and an annual birthday card. Read more about this club here.

Teens have the difficult task of going from saving their pennies to buying a car and building credit in a few short years. The Grassroots Project is our way to help make this a smooth transition. The Grassroots Project is a way for teens (ages 13-19) to learn to make smart decisions about money. Read more about the Grassroots Project here.



learn. grow. in the classroom is a financial literacy program created and taught by the staff at Northwest Georgia Credit Union. It features a series of lessons on various financial topics that gives kids from Kindergarten to 12th grade the opportunity to learn basic financial skills. Each lesson is connected to Georgia Performance Standards and teachers have the option to customize lessons for their students. Read more about the curriculum or schedule a lesson here



learn.grow. in the workplace is financial literacy taught by the staff at Northwest Georgia Credit Union. Lessons such as 'Life on a Budget' and 'Managing Credit' are taught to employees of our Neighborhood Partners based on their needs.